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Virginia Rivers


River Name Length (miles)
Appomattox River
Ararat River
Back River
Banister River
Big Otter River
Blackwater River
Blackwater River
Browns Dan River
Buffalo River
Bullpasture River
Bush River
Calfpasture River
Chickahominy River
Coan River
Cold Spring River
Conway River
Corrotoman River
Covington River
Cowpasture River
Cranes Nest River
Dan River
Doyles River
Dry River
East Branch Jackson River
East River
East River
Eastern Branch Corrotoman River
Eastern Branch Elizabeth River
Eastern Branch Lynnhaven River
Elizabeth River
Falling River
German River
Great Wicomico River
Great Wicomico River
Guest River
Hampton River
Hardware River
Harris River
Hazel River
Head River Branch
Hughes River
Hyco River
Indian River
Jackson River
James River
Jordan River
Lafayette River
Little Calfpasture River
Little Dan River
Little Dry River
Little Falling River
Little Nottoway River
Little Otter River
Little Piney River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little Wicomico River
Little Willis River
Lynch River
Lynnhaven River
Machipongo River
Mat River
Matta River
Mattaponi River
Maury River
McClure River
Mechums River
Middle Branch North Fork Hardware River
Middle Fork Clinch River
Middle Fork Holston River
Middle Meherrin River
Middle River
Moormans River
Motto River
Nansemond River
Newfound River
Ni River
North Anna River
North Branch Sandy River
North Fork Blackwater River
North Fork Buffalo River
North Fork Clinch River
North Fork Clinch River
North Fork Hardware River
North Fork Holston River
North Fork Little River
North Fork Little River
North Fork Moormans River
North Fork Nottoway River
North Fork Piney River
North Fork Pound River
North Fork Powell River
North Fork Rivanna River
North Fork Roanoke River
North Fork Shenandoah River
North Fork Smith River
North Fork Stinking River
North Fork Thornton River
North Fork Tye River
North Mayo River
North Meherrin River
North Prong Smith River
North River
North River
North River
Northwest Branch Back River
Northwest Branch Severn River
Northwest Yeocomico River
Nottoway River
Occoquan River
Pagan River
Pamunkey River
Pedlar River
Perrin River
Piankatank River
Pigg River
Piney River
Piney River
Po River
Pocaty River
Poni River
Poquoson River
Poropotank River
Pound River
Powell River
Rapidan River
Rappahannock River
Rivanna River
Roach River
Roanoke River 410 Miles
Robinson River
Rockfish River
Rose River
Rush River
Saint Marys River
Sandy River
Sandy River
Severn River
Shoemaker River
Slate River
South Anna River
South Branch North Fork Hardware River
South Fork Appomattox River
South Fork Blackwater River
South Fork Buffalo River
South Fork Clinch River
South Fork Falling River
South Fork Hardware River
South Fork Little River
South Fork Moormans River
South Fork Piney River
South Fork Pound River
South Fork Powell River
South Fork Rivanna River
South Fork Roanoke River
South Fork Rockfish River
South Fork Shenandoah River
South Fork Tye River
South Meherrin River
South Prong Pigg River
South Prong Sandy River
South River
South River
South River
South River
South Yeocomico River
Southeast Branch Severn River
Southern Branch Elizabeth River
Southwest Branch Back River
Staunton River
Stinking River
Ta River
Thornton River
Tye River
Ware River
Warwick River
West Fork Little River
West Fork Sandy River
West Fork Stinking River
West Yeocomico River
Western Branch Corrotoman River
Western Branch Elizabeth River
Western Branch Lynnhaven River
Western Branch Nansemond River
Willis River
Yeocomico River
York River
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