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New Hampshire Rivers


River Name Length (miles)
Ammonoosuc River
Ashuelot River
Back River
Back River
Baker River
Bean River
Bearcamp River
Beebe River
Beech River
Bellamy River
Berrys River
Big River
Blackwater River
Blackwater River
Branch River
Browns River
Chocorua River
Cocheco River
Cockermouth River
Cold River
Cold River
Cold River
Cold River
Contoocook River
Cutler River
Dan Hole River
Dead Diamond River
Dead River
Deer River
Drakes River
Dry River
East Branch Baker River
East Branch Dead Diamond River
East Branch Mohawk River
East Branch Pemigewasset River
East Branch Saco River
East Branch Swift Diamond River
East Branch Whiteface River
East Fork East Branch Saco River
East Meadow River
Ela River
Ellis River
Exeter River
Fowler River
Fresh River
Gale River
Gridley River
Gunstock River
Hampton Falls River
Hampton River
Indian River
Isinglass River
Israel River
Johns River
Know River
Lamprey River
Lane River
Little Dead Diamond River
Little Magalloway River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little Sugar River
Little Suncook River
Lost River
Lovell River
Mad River
Mad River
Mad River
Magalloway River
Mascoma River
Melvin River
Merrymeeting River
Middle Branch Dead Diamond River
Middle Branch Little Magalloway River
Middle Branch Mad River
Middle Branch Piscataquog River
Mohawk River
Moose River
Nashua River
New River
Newfound River
Nissitissit River
North Branch Gale River
North Branch Millers River
North Branch Mohawk River
North Branch River
North Branch River
North Branch Sugar River
North Branch Upper Ammonoosuc River
North Fork East Branch Pemigewasset River
North River
Old River
Oyster River
Pawtuckaway River
Peabody River
Pemigewasset River
Pine River
Piscassic River
Piscataqua River
Piscataquog River
Rattle River
Red Hill River
Salmon Falls River
Sawyer River
Shepards River
Smith River
Soucook River
Souhegan River
South Branch Ashuelot River
South Branch Baker River
South Branch Gale River
South Branch Israel River
South Branch Little Dead Diamond River
South Branch Mad River
South Branch Piscataquog River
South Branch Souhegan River
South Branch Sugar River
Squam River
Squamscott River
Sugar River
Suncook River
Swift Diamond River
Swift River
Swift River
Taylor River
Tioga River
Turkey River
Upper Ammonoosuc River
Warner River
West Branch Little Dead Diamond River
West Branch Little Magalloway River
West Branch Mad River
West Branch Magalloway River
West Branch Mohawk River
West Branch Peabody River
West Branch Souhegan River
West Branch Upper Ammonoosuc River
West Branch Warner River
West Souhegan River
Whiteface River
Wild Ammonoosuc River
Wild River
Winnicut River
Winnipesaukee River
Wonalancet River
Zealand River
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