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Maine Rivers


River Name Length (miles)
Abagadasset River
Alder River
Allagash River
Androscoggin River
Aroostook River
Back River
Back River
Back River
Back River
Back River Creek
Bagaduce River
Baker Branch Saint John River
Batson River
Bear River
Bear River
Benjamin River
Big Black River
Birch River
Blackwater River
Bog River
Campbell Branch Little Black River
Cape Neddick River
Carrabassett River
Cathance River
Chandler River
Charles River
Cold River
Concord River
Cousins River
Crooked River
Crooked River
Cross River
Cupsuptic River
Daaquam River
Damariscotta River
Dead Cambridge River
Dead River
Dead River
Dead River
Dead River
Dead River
Dead River
Dennys River
Ducktrap River
Dunstan River
Dyer River
East Branch Chandler River
East Branch Cupsuptic River
East Branch Eastern River
East Branch Mattawamkeag River
East Branch Moose River
East Branch Nezinscot River
East Branch Oyster River
East Branch Passadumkeag River
East Branch Penobscot River
East Branch Piscataqua River
East Branch Piscataquis River
East Branch Pleasant River
East Branch Pleasant River
East Branch Sebasticook River
East Branch Swift River
East Branch Union River
East Machias River
Eastern Branch Johns River
Eastern River
Ellis River
Englishman River
First East Branch Magalloway River
Fish River
Fore River
Goose River
Goose River
Goose River
Great Works River
Hardscrabble River
Harraseeket River
Harrington River
Indian River
Johns River
Jordan River
Josias River
Kennebago River
Kennebec River
Kennebunk River
Kezar River
Libby River
Little Androscoggin River
Little Black River
Little Bog River
Little Cold River
Little East Branch Cupsuptic River
Little Machias River
Little Madawaska River
Little Magalloway River
Little Narraguagus River
Little Ossipee River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little River
Little Saco River
Little Saint Roch River
Little Seboeis River
Little Southwest Branch Saint John River
Littlefield River
Machias River
Machias River
Mad River
Magalloway River
Main Stream Sebasticook River
Maine River
Marsh River
Mattawamkeag River
Medomak River
Meduncook River
Meduxnekeag River
Megunticook River
Merriland River
Middle Branch Little Magalloway River
Middle Branch Mad River
Middle Branch Mousam River
Middle Branch Pleasant River
Middle Branch Union River
Middle River
Mill River
Mill River
Moose River
Morse River
Mousam River
Muddy River
Muddy River
Narraguagus River
Narramissic River
Neoutaquet River
New Meadows River
Nezinscot River
Nonesuch River
North Branch Birch River
North Branch Blackwater River
North Branch Dead River
North Branch Johns River
North Branch Little River
North Branch Marsh River
North Branch Meduxnekeag River
North Branch Penobscot River
Northwest Branch Saint John River
Northwest River
Ogunquit River
Old Course Saco River
Orange River
Orland River
Ossipee River
Oyster River
Passadumkeag River
Passagassawakeag River
Pemaquid River
Pennamaquan River
Penobscot River
Piscataqua River
Piscataquis River
Pleasant River
Pleasant River
Pleasant River
Pleasant River
Presumpscot River
Rangeley River
Rapid River
Red River
River De Chute
Roach River
Royal River
Sabattus River
Saco River
Saint Croix River
Saint Francis River
Saint George River
Saint John River
Sanborn River
Sandy River
Sandy River
Scarborough River
Sebasticook River
Sebec River
Seboeis River
Second East Branch Magalloway River
Sheepscot River
Shepards River
Skillings River
Songo River
South Branch Birch River
South Branch Blackwater River
South Branch Carrabasset River
South Branch Dead River
South Branch Machias River
South Branch Mad River
South Branch Marsh River
South Branch Meduxnekeag River
South Branch Moose River
South Branch Penobscot River
South Branch Sandy River
South Branch Stroudwater River
South Branch Sunday River
South River
Southwest Branch Indian River
Southwest Branch Saint John River
Sprague River
Spring River
Spurwink River
Sticky River
Stillwater River
Stroudwater River
Sunday River
Swift Cambridge River
Swift River
Tenmile River
Tenny River
Third East Branch Magalloway River
Union River
Webb River
Webhannet River
Weskeag River
West Branch Carrabassett River
West Branch Eastern River
West Branch Ellis River
West Branch Little Black River
West Branch Little Magalloway River
West Branch Machias River
West Branch Magalloway River
West Branch Mattawamkeag River
West Branch Moose River
West Branch Narraguagus River
West Branch Narraguagus River
West Branch Nezinscot River
West Branch Oyster River
West Branch Passadumkeag River
West Branch Penobscot River
West Branch Piscataquis River
West Branch Pleasant River
West Branch Pleasant River
West Branch Pleasant River
West Branch Sheepscot River
West Branch Swift River
West Branch Tenmile River
West Branch Union River
West River
Western Little River
Wild River
York River
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