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Idaho Rivers


River Name Length (miles)
American River
Bad River
Bear River
Bear River 350 Miles
Big Lost River
Big Wood River
Blackfoot River
Boise River
Bruneau River
Buffalo River
Clearwater River
Coeur d'Alene River
Crooked River
Crooked River
Crooked River
Deadwood River
Dry Channel Big Lost River
East Branch Weiser River
East Fork American River
East Fork Big Lost River
East Fork Crooked River
East Fork Deadwood River
East Fork Jarbidge River
East Fork North Fork Big Wood River
East Fork Pahsimeroi River
East Fork Potlatch River
East Fork Roaring River
East Fork Salmon River
East Fork South Fork Salmon River
East Fork Weiser River
East Fork Wood River
East Fork Yuba River
East River
Fall River
Feather River
Gold Fork River
Hntsegwish River
Jarbidge River
Left Fork Scriver Creek
Lemhi River
Little Blackfoot River
Little Clearwater River
Little Lost River
Little Malad River
Little North Fork Clearwater River
Little North Fork Coeur d'Alene River
Little North Fork South Fork Coeur d'Alene River
Little Owyhee River
Little Queens River
Little Salmon River
Little Weiser River
Little Wood River
Lochsa River
Lower West Branch Priest River
Malad River
Malad River
Middle Fork Boise River
Middle Fork Clearwater River
Middle Fork East River
Middle Fork Owyhee River
Middle Fork Payette River
Middle Fork Red River
Middle Fork Roaring River
Middle Fork Saint Maries River
Middle Fork Salmon River
Middle Fork Scriver Creek
Middle Fork Weiser River
Moyie River
North Fork Big Lost River
North Fork Big Wood River
North Fork Boise River
North Fork Clearwater River
North Fork Coeur d'Alene River
North Fork East River
North Fork Gold Fork River
North Fork Owyhee River
North Fork Palouse River
North Fork Payette River
North Fork Saint Joe River
North Fork Salmon River
North Fork Teton River
Pack River
Pahsimeroi River
Payette River
Portneuf River
Potlatch River
Priest River
Queens River
Raft River
Rapid River
Rapid River
Red River
Roaring River
Saint Joe River
Saint Maries River
Salmon River
Salt River
Scriver Creek
Secesh River
Selway River
Snake River
South Fork Boise River
South Fork Clearwater River
South Fork Coeur d'Alene River
South Fork East Fork Salmon River
South Fork Gold Fork River
South Fork Owyhee River
South Fork Palouse River
South Fork Payette River
South Fork Red River
South Fork Salmon River
South Teton River
Teton River
Upper Priest River
Upper West Branch Priest River
Warm River
Weiser River
West Branch Pack River
West Branch Weiser River
West Fork American River
West Fork Crooked River
West Fork East Fork Salmon River
West Fork North Fork Big Wood River
West Fork North Fork Salmon River
West Fork Pahsimeroi River
West Fork Potlatch River
West Fork Rapid River
West Fork Red River
West Fork Saint Maries River
West Fork Scriver Creek
West Fork Weiser River
Wildhorse River
Wind River
Yuba River
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